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This is free basic training for learning how to design power lines. In these several short lessons, you will learn how to use software solution.

Lesson 1


In Lesson 1 you will learn what the Power Path workspace looks like and how you can customize it. We will show you where you can find the main commands and panels, how to switch from 2D to 3D or BIM workspace, how to open or save the drawing and which formats Power Path supports.

Lesson 2

Design a new power line

In Lesson 2 you will learn how to design a new power line – how to create a surface, draw and edit your power line in 2D which automatically draws in 3D and applies to the created surface, add or remove additional supports, and add insulators, conductors and ground wires to the created power line.

Lesson 3

Redesign existing power line

In Lesson 3 you will learn how to import your power line and how to edit it further by adding/removing supports, insulators and conductors.

Lesson 4

Creating a profile view

In Lesson 4 you will learn how to define elements of the profile view, how to insert the profile view in the drawing and how to refresh the profile view after changes are made.

Lesson 5

Calculations and reporting

In Lesson 5 you will learn how to set up weather and referent conditions and how to apply those conditions to a power line. Then you will learn how to generate reports in Power Path – Sag-tension report, Support report, Quantity report and Power line coordinates report.

Lesson 6

IFC record of power line

In Lesson 6 you will learn how to export your designed power line to the IFC record and how to import your BIM model of the power line to the IFC viewer.

Lesson 7

Adding data models

In Lesson 7 you will learn how to add your custom-created (complex 3D models) and system-generated (simple 3D models) models to Power Path and how to import and export conductor data.

For more videos (Tips&Tricks, How to…, Webinars, etc.), visit our YouTube channel.

If you want a 1-on-1 training where we will explain the functionalities of the software in detail, answer your questions, and offer help in creating your project, see our offer for training on BUY page.

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